Saturday PM site launches!

Saturday AM launched in 2013 and we're on the #countdownto75!

75 issues of the popular, high-quality, shonen manga anthology featuring the hottest young manga creators from around the world have been a big success. And, those 75 (and counting!) manga issues -- are released bi-weekly!! 

Yes, bi-weekly.                                                            

Yes, manga.

In Japan, the word 'manga' just means comics as does the word anime just mean animation.

Our creators grew up as inspired by it as others were inspired by superhero comics like Marvel and/or DC and none were as bigger as WSJ, the brand behind legendary series like Naruto, Dragonball, and One Piece. To emulate this amazing title and group of comics was something many people had but we were determined

Few people believed in us when we started this endeavor. The idea of creating digital comics that cost the reader MONEY and was in a magazine format was hard to support from many of our critics. Still, we knew that our inspiration of WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP but with a more DIVERSE collection of creators and characters was simply too strong.

Anime and manga were only getting more and more popular from country to country (aside from Japan, USA, and France) and the idea that it would continue without characters who looked like people from around the world (African-American, African, White, Latino, Asian, etc) was simply untenable.

In nearly 4 years, SATURDAY AM has proved the haters wrong and is now an emerging voice in the shonen manga scene and a leading one in the new manga publishers community. Consisting of fresh new artistic voices from Nicaragua to New Zealand and our work has introduced people to exciting new series like APPLE BLACK, BULLY EATER, CLOCK STRIKER and SAIGAMI.

Our brand adorns books / graphic novels (called Saturday TANKS) as well as apparel. We're currently finalizing work on our first VIDEOGAME (NOT a Kickstarter, funded by us). Many additional projects are in development.

Now, we want to bring our form of creative, inclusive storytelling to SEINEN manga as well. Mature stories that tackle more ADULT ideas from crime to sex; violence to politics with (again) a varied mix of creators and characters.

We are beyond excited to bring SATURDAY PM to the masses and we hope you will give it a chance. This magazine will release bi-monthly and will feature some amazingly DARNG new comics. Like Saturday AM, we are going to bring together some creators that you've NEVER heard of. Lastly, we're going to offer a look at the sort of content that makes every issue a DELIGHT!

Stay tuned -- as we're going to reveal new details of each new series and creator over the next few weeks.