#SUMMEROFMANGA is ending and now, there's MONTH of MACABRE MANGA!


March Art Madness is grueling!!

#summerofmanga is a CRAZY FUN!!

But both are multi-year, proven successes both in popularity as well as production. Our discoveries of AMAZING NEW ARTISTIC TALENTS has sprung from every corner of the world and many have gone on to success in the comics media (a few at Saturday AM and/or Saturday PM).

Now, that we think about it — Saturday AM, our sister publication, HAS ALL OF THE FUN and it’s TIME WE CHANGE THAT!

Yes, Saturay AM kicked off this whole DIVERSE MANGA CULTURE in 2013 but they’re focused on SHONEN (or young adults to adults).

Saturday PM is all about MATURE SHORT STORIES for older readers.


It will debut this HALLOWEEN during a SPECIAL ISSUE of Saturday PM.

What are the RULES?


  1. Creators must be over the age of 18 (please do not keep asking us if we can change the age).

  2. The story must be PITCHED TO US FIRST (we want to understand if you actually have an interesting short story)

  3. It must be a SHORT STORY (page count to be determined by us) meaning it must have a beginning, middle, and an end.

  4. Your story must be ORIGINAL - we will NOT ACCEPT fan fiction.

  5. We will NOT ACCEPT pornography, bigoted material, nor any objectionable content (i.e. this does not mean shocking material - only exploitative, juvenile material).

  6. We’re looking for HORROR SHORT STORIES but those can include other genres such as ROMANCE, SPORTS, ACTION, etc.

  7. We will PUBLISH the preferred entries in our HALLOWEEN Issue in October 2019 thus creators have a month to get your pitches in and another month to produce the short story.

So, are you interested?