Saturday AM's Whyt Manga UNVEILS NEW MANGA at AnimeNYC

Whyt Manga, Nigerian manga artist of Saturday AM's APPLE BLACK and YOUTUBE star will debut new series at AnimeNYC in November

Whyt Manga (nee' Odunze Oguguo) is not just the popular YOUTUBE star of Whyt Manga TV he's also the creator of Saturday AM's MOST POPULAR DIVERSE MANGA series, APPLE BLACK!

While APPLE BLACK closes in on its' new VOLUME TWO graphic novel - Whyt Manga has taken time to create an ALL-NEW MANGA! It's quirky, funny and action-packed and its' called BACASSI!

But, you're probably wondering -- where can you read it? 

Saturday AM?

NOPE! That's a SHONEN magazine.

BACASSI is a SEINEN series.

What better way to launch our new MATURE COMICS ANTHOLOGY -- SATURDAY PM -- than with this amazing new work by Whyt Manga (Saturday AM's co-founder)??

But you don't have to wait until 11.25.17 -- which is Saturday PM's first issue.

Instead, if you're in NYC -- then you can SEE IT THERE and BETTER YET  -- you can MEET WHYT MANGA in person!!!!

So, if you want BACASSI and all future installments of this SURE-FIRE HIT SERIES -- then SUBSCRIBE to SATURDAY PM.

Otherwise, come meet US at ANIMENYC!

Want some news now?

Either go to the BACASSI webpage here on Saturday PM's website...OR...

Saturday AM Issue 72 was a FREE ISSUE and gives you some great new APPLE BLACK content...but it also had this kick-ass INTERVIEW with the MAN himself.

Read it now: